FAQs - Weddings

Where are you based?
I am based in Aberdeen but photograph weddings just about anywhere! I love travelling and regularly go all over so never think you are too far away.

How do we book you?
To book just get in touch and if you like what we offer I will send you a booking form and contract and you would pay a non-refundable deposit of £200, the balance of your wedding photography option will be due 4 weeks before your big day.

Will we meet before the wedding?
Yes, absolutely. I really value having some time with you before your wedding to get to know you both, understand the kind of day you’re planning and to familiarise myself with all the details. After your pre-wedding consultation, I’ll put together a shot list to record important details like the group photos you’d like, the time of your ceremony and when you’re sitting for the wedding breakfast, and so on. I also love hearing your ideas.


How long will it take until we receive our photos?
I aim to deliver photos within 4 weeks of your big day. In peak times that can be slightly longer and in quiet times shorter.

How do we view our photos? After the wedding you will be sent a digital copy of your images. We will usually post a few of our favourites on our Facebook page the day after your wedding (if you wish us to) so you have something lovely to wake up to.

How many photos will we get?
This depends on the package you have chosen. With my Gold Option, you would receive approx. 700-800 fully edited images.

Do you backup the wedding photos?
Yes absolutely. I back them up as soon as I get home after the wedding, both physical and to the cloud.

Are you insured?
Yes, I am fully insured with both public liability and public indemnity insurance.

What if your camera fails?
This has thankfully never happened before, however out of precaution I have backups of just about everything, cameras, lenses, memory cards, batteries, you name it…

Can friends and family view the photos?
Yes, you can share the link to your online gallery with whomever you like. Family and friends can also order prints and photo albums with us too.

Do we need to feed you at our wedding?
Yes please, that would be fabulous. It's a long day and I would be very grateful for a hot meal to keep me (and my assistant or second photographer) going. 

What if you are ill on our big day?
This has never happened, and I would pretty much have to be hospitalised for me to miss your wedding, which is unlikely! But if it did happen, I would use our network of photographers to find a suitable replacement, or if you find your own I would of course offer a full refund.  

Can we order albums and prints?
Yes of course, I offer a range of albums, prints and other wall art products. They are the best quality possible and all made in the UK. I would be delighted to show you my range of product samples.

Do we own the copyright of the photographs?
Copyright remains with me as the author of the images, but you have a licence to print and share your photographs. This just means you can’t re-sell the images commercially or modify them.


Frequently Asked Questions - Dog and Equine Photography

Q: How far do you travel?

A: I'm based in Aberdeen and will travel up to 20 miles one way at no extra charge. If you’re further than 20 miles away, I will charge 45p per additional mile. I do love travelling and am more than happy to meet you anywhere in the world!  


Q. I would like to book a session. What do I do?

A. That's great! Please contact me and tell me all about you and your dog or horse! Let me know of any location ideas or specific shots you had in mind.


Q. Can people purchase a session for me?

A: Absolutely! I can provide gift vouchers to cover any amount your family and friends would like to spend.

Q: I have more than two animals, can I have them all photographed at the same time?

A: Yes, of course! Photographing more than 2 dogs or horses at the same time can be a challenge though. Please bear in mind that we might end up having fewer photos of each individual animal, simply due to time. If you'd like to extend the time of your session, that's no problem at all, just give me a shout and we can discuss the options. 


Q: Where do your sessions take place?

A: Most of my sessions take place in or around Aberdeen/Shire. When you book your session, we will discuss the options and decide on the perfect location for you and your animal. 

Q: Can I be in the photos as well?

A: Definitely! I love capturing the special bond between animals and their owner. The main focus will still be on your animal, but I actually encourage all of my clients to be in at least some of the images.


Q: What if the weather is bad on the day?

A: The quality and style of my images rely on abundant natural sunlight or sometimes better, a slightly cloudy day. If the weather isn't agreeable (rainy, snowing, threat of storms or generally unstable weather) we will probably need to reschedule the session to another day. Please be patient with the rescheduling process, as the better the weather is, the more beautiful your images will be.

Q: My dog can't be off lead! Is that an issue?

A:  No problem at all! Leads are easy to remove in post-processing. I do recommend a collar and lead rather than a harness, as they are near impossible to edit.
Additionally, I can also remove dirt and hair from clothes, slobbers, eye bogies, etc...

Q: My dog/horse is all black and photographs never show his/her beauty.

A. That is a great reason to hire me! My understanding of light and years of experience photographing dogs and horses of all colours will ensure that even the most jet black of animals will look stunningly defined in their photos.

Q. My dog isn’t super obedient… we probably won’t be able to have a photoshoot, right?
A. I’ve worked with many dogs who are not very obedient and don’t listen to basic commands. As long as your dog is food or toy motivated, we will be perfectly fine. I promise, your dog won't have to sit and stay for ages, I only need a split second to take a stunning photograph and have plenty of patience and experience working with very energetic dogs. 

Q. How do I view my images?

A. Within 14 days after your session, I will send you an exciting email with a link to your online viewing gallery. We'll then arrange your ordering appointment, at which I will show my stunning product samples and help you decide on the best options to show off your beautiful photographs.


Q. Can I share the images on social media?

A: If I post a preview of your photographs on social media, I am happy for you to share them from my page. I'd really appreciate it if you could tag my business page in your posts as well. 

Please don’t download or screenshot images from Facebook, the online gallery or my website. I want the images to look their best! If you wish to share photos yourselves, you can purchase social media sized digitals (these are not suitable for printing). But, with every printed product you order, you will automatically receive the matching digital for free anyway.

Q. What is the model and property release for?

A: A model and property release is a legal document signed by the subject of a photograph (in this case the owner) granting permission to publish the photographs. 

Q. Are you insured?

A: Yes, I am fully insured with public liability and professional indemnity insurance. 

Q. Cancellation policy

A: My session fee is non-refundable. However, I realise that unexpected things happen and will try to be as accommodating as possible. When a session is postponed to a later date, rather than cancelled, I will retain the session fee and transfer it to the new date and time with no additional charge. 

Other Important Information

  • The session fee covers the consultation, the photo session and an ordering appointment. It does not include digital files, prints or any other products.

  • To reserve your session date and time, 100% of the session fee is due at the time of the booking.

  • All products ordered pass a quality control process by myself. 

  • Sessions are available from Monday to Saturday. 

  • Travel fees apply for locations located beyond a 20-mile radius of AB25.

  • Rates are subject to change at any time and without notice.