#becominghappy - Birgit Itse's first published book

Birgit Itse is a talented writer, originally from Estonia, her business Word Accord helps individuals and businesses to find the right words. I first met Birgit at an online networking event and was instantly intrigued by her story. She recently published her first book #becominghappy, a collection of beautiful quotes and images from Estonia and Scotland.

I was delighted when Birgit asked me for a personal branding photo session. We met for a social distancing photoshoot of her and her book at Brig' O Balgownie a couple of weeks ago, but I am going to stop talking now and let Birgit tell you about the photo session herself.

She said yes!

„How would you like to go all crazy with this photoshoot?" - That question was really important, to be more precise, the answer to that question was something that confirmed to me that I've found „the one". Photographers for me are like health professionals - I don't like switching them often.

Telling your history all over again, with the hope „maybe this works" is not something I enjoy doing.

When my debut book was out, I knew I wanted a proper photoshoot with my books. I also knew I wanted something different to those very neat photos in the studio. I knew it had to be outside. I had seen Iska's work (the world-famous bride on a horse) before I asked my friend Abi Clarke from AC Events, if she knew anyone who is up for „something different".

I looked at Iska's work more closely, left aside all the wedding photography and looked for ideas behind the images. I decided to give it a go. What can I say - I was amazed, how professionally everything was done from start to finish. I loved how she created a mood board after I told her that I could rarely find something interesting from Google pictures. „All so boring, but I'm not boring," I remember complaining myself.

This mood board gave me a more precise idea, where I want these photos to be taken. And when. That was the moment I asked the question if she would love to go all crazy with it. She asked what I meant, and I pointed out the sunrise idea. Sunrise it was.

I must say, she was very patient with my crazy ideas and location-pictures. I did check the tide times to make sure we were safe. I woke up at 2:32 AM to straighten my curls and apply some make-up, clothes I had prepared a night earlier. It was +8 degrees. I had my unicorn cup with raspberry tea and my books in my backpack.

At 4 a.m. we met at the Brig' O Balgownie. It's one of my favourite places and not far from where I live, so that has become part of me anyway. I was already laughing at myself, as my hair was not straight and edgy anymore - more like „I forgot to comb them" puffy. Well, in these cases, you improvise and do what you need to - river water helped to bring out the curls and the humidity helped too, half of the photoshoot, Iska got me smiling with her amazement of my hair.

I climbed trees (three of them if I remember correctly), was barefoot in the river and laying on the cobblestones. I felt warm, happy, relaxed and well taken care of, as the way she complimented my features or posing and helped with the comments like „chin down, look up", gave me confidence that she does care how I am going to look like in photos.

We all have insecurities and I came out of my comfort zone and was honest about it. I suggest you should do that, too. Takes the pressure off of a photoshoot.

I'm very happy with the results, with the images, with the way she captured my personality. „Unreal, magical, gorgeous photos," are among the feedback I've had to them so far.

For me, working with Iska, was another, yet very important chapter on my way of becoming happy.  

Here's how to get in touch with Birgit, if you would like to know more about her services or to purchase one of her books.

Website: Word Accord

Facebook: Word Accord

LinkedIn: Birgit Itse

Email: wordaccord@gmail.com

I hope you enjoyed this blog, please do get in touch if you would like to know more about my personal branding photo sessions or would like to book your session.

Thank you!

Iska Birnie

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