Cassie and Stuart's Johnstone Garden wedding

A perfect day for a perfect couple! Amazing weather, a beautiful setting in Johnstone gardens and a gorgeous couple - what else could we ask for. Keep scrolling through this blog to see my favourite photographs and the wedding day in Cassie's words.

Q. How did you guys meet?

We met at college doing the same course 15 years ago. We would both be often late for class (I had 3 jobs to get through college and he had 2) and be in trouble together so we talked outside the class a lot). I left college and we would bump into each other in nightclubs, we would often have dance-offs and sometimes we would kiss. I then moved away, got on with our own lives, but we kept in touch on social media. 13.5 years later Stuart messaged me to ask how I was doing etc. I had moved back to the UK and was in London. We messaged for a month then he asked if he could come and visit me in London. He brought me a painting of the revolution scene in Les Mis (i had just seen it in the theatre) and took me on a date. He came down every month for 4 months, I then moved up to Aberdeen into my own apartment.

Q. How did the proposal go?

It was a Monday after my birthday last year, October 2019, Stuart was due to go offshore the next day. He told me he was going to drop his daughter off at his parents then come to my apartment. He turned up with Alexa and she was bouncing around like a puppy. He got down on one knee and asked me in my living room with a stand-in ring – I said yes! He told me he wanted me to design my own one at a later date. He then dropped her off and we had dinner together before he left. It was very quiet and sweet like him! I found out later he had called my nana and my sister and her husband to ask their permission to ask me to marry him.

He had actually asked me when he was drunk in a bar on my birthday and I had laughed!

Q. When did you start planning your wedding?

We started a month after the proposal, as we decided to get married the following year. We wanted a very rustic chilled out wedding

Q. Where did you find the inspiration for your wedding day?

We didn’t really have inspiration. We wanted a day where everyone would be comfortable and relaxed. We both really love food so that would be the main point of the day. We pulled some ideas from online and Pinterest etc. We are Christian, so we wanted the day to be very natural and spiritual.

Q. How did you choose your wedding suppliers?

Lots of research!!! I am very particular about people and the main thing was how I connected to them. I looked for people with work that was original and natural. A couple of people I found on recommendation. The others I checked reviews and spoke to them a few times to see what kind of people they were. I am so so happy with my suppliers. Everyone is incredibly sweet and supportive as well as being amazing at what they do.

Q. How did you personalise your wedding day?

We did lots of it ourselves! Most of the decor was purchased by us and we put it up. We decided the main things that were important to us for the day and made sure they were emphasized.

Q. What was the most stressful part when planning your wedding?

My family and covid!!! I have an incredibly dysfunctional extended family. Several times I told Stuart I would cancel them all and just have my sister and my nana. I guess the issue all couples face is the obligation to invite people, friends, family, people your parents think should be there.

Covid presented its own challenges, but also relief. At first I was upset about downscaling the wedding, moving it and getting the garden ready (as we moved the reception to there...). The garden needed completely renovated and with Stuart working away that was difficult. But actually covid gave us a valid reason to invite exactly who we wanted at the wedding.

Q. What is the one thing you’ll never forget about your big day?

How totally perfect it was. The weather was perfect, the atmosphere. Everyone involved was so happy and helped to make it so enjoyable. <