Cassie and Stuart's Johnstone Garden wedding

A perfect day for a perfect couple! Amazing weather, a beautiful setting in Johnstone gardens and a gorgeous couple - what else could we ask for. Keep scrolling through this blog to see my favourite photographs and the wedding day in Cassie's words.

Q. How did you guys meet?

We met at college doing the same course 15 years ago. We would both be often late for class (I had 3 jobs to get through college and he had 2) and be in trouble together so we talked outside the class a lot). I left college and we would bump into each other in nightclubs, we would often have dance-offs and sometimes we would kiss. I then moved away, got on with our own lives, but we kept in touch on social media. 13.5 years later Stuart messaged me to ask how I was doing etc. I had moved back to th