Introducing Sam, my horse of a lifetime

Updated: Apr 5

In my blog posts, I spend a lot of time speaking about my lovely clients and their animals, so I thought it's about time I dedicated a blog post to my own horse Sam - or if we're going by his fancy name: Zephestion!

Sam is a Dutch Warmblood gelding, born in 2004. Which makes him 17-years old this year. My mum and I bought Sam as a 3-year-old stallion, with the plan was to break him in and then sell him on. Well, it's safe to say that my cunning plan didn't quite work out... I fell in love with his kind eyes and gentle nature as soon as I saw him for the very first time. This is Sam as a baby stallion arriving at our yard in the Netherlands. (In case you are wondering, yes, that's me in the background.)

For those of you interested in breeding, Sam is by Metall (Ferro x Ramiro Z) x Bentley x Ulft.