Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website!

Let me start by introducing myself: My name is Iska Birnie and I am the woman behind the camera at Iska Birnie Photography! I'm an award-winning professional photographer, based in Aberdeen in the beautiful North-East of Scotland. 


I mostly work in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, but I also travel across Scotland and further afield when required. My main areas of expertise are Wedding Photography, Personal Brand Photography and Dog & Equine Photography.

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Do you enjoy having your photo taken?

I'll let you in on a secret - I'm not a big fan...

And that's exactly why I can relate to my clients and make sure that you feel relaxed and comfortable during your photo session. This already starts at the planning stage, where we will chat about your ideas and wishes and come up with a game plan for your session.

My aim is to create a relaxed environment, for you to be yourself and to enjoy the experience while capturing images that you will love and be proud of. 

I love all things photography and hope that the enthusiasm I feel for every photo session comes across in my work. 

My Story

Photography has always been a big part of my life - from a young age, I’ve been ‘snapping’ away, capturing memories. I love looking at photographs and seeing the stories they tell, whether that may be in an album or as enlargements on the wall.


My photography career started with dog and equine photography. I love getting to know my animal clients and capturing their personality and character while creating forever lasting memories for their owners. Added bonus are the cuddles and wet kisses I get - mostly from the animals.


My husband Chris and I got married at the beautiful Logie Country House in August 2016; our wedding photographer was my friend and mentor Janie Barclay. After our wedding, Janie gave me the amazing opportunity to dip my toes into wedding photography. I absolutely loved it. Over the following years, I worked very closely with Janie, learning the tricks of the trade, before she retired in early 2019. I am very grateful for everything she taught me and am honoured to have worked alongside her.

Since then I have also fallen in love with Personal Brand Photography - I love being able to help business owners increase their visibility and online presence through stunning images that represent their brand and show their personality. 

Want to know more about me?

At heart, I'm still the little horse and dog mad girl, who will shout: horses - whenever driving past a field of horses and stops to speak with every dog.

When I'm not working or at the yard looking after my horse Sam, I love spending time with my wonderful hubby Chris who is a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist at BWB Fitness.

Some of my other favourite things to do are: hill walking, binge-watching Netflix, eating chocolate and listening to podcasts (mostly business or photography related).

A couple of surprising facts: I speak 3 languages and am a trained car mechanic

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