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Aberdeen Event Photography

Your Event, Your Memories, My Expertise
Scottie Scheffler teeing off at 2nd
Iska Birnie Photographer

Event Photography covering Aberdeen and the Shire

Welcome to Iska Birnie Photography, your dedicated event photographer in the North-East of Scotland. Events are all about documenting moments in time – I’d love to capture and preserve those moments and memories for you.

When it comes to event photography, I understand the importance of seizing that one golden opportunity to capture the magic as it unfolds. Whatever the occasion, I’ve got the experience to transform those moments into captivating images, with a creative flair.

Whether you are looking for a photographer to cover your awards dinner, conference, sporting event, charity ball, or anything in between. I’d be delighted to be part of it and capture every moment.

Every event is as unique as the people it brings together, and that’s my favourite part. Ahead of your event, we have a chat to ensure that I understand your vision. Together, we’ll create a plan to capture all the must-have shots.

Maybe it’s crucial to show off your sponsors, or perhaps the real focus is catching your guests having a great time. Whatever your goal, we’ll work together to ensure your event’s success, creating a visual story, and leaving a lasting impression.

Iska Birnie Photographer

Why book a professional event photographer?

Event Photography matters

Professional Quality

In today’s world, nearly everyone has a camera phone in their pocket, but professional event photography goes beyond snapshots. It’s all about showcasing the essence and atmosphere of the event. Imagine all the action, emotions, and candid moments captured in stunning detail.

Guest Engagement

Well-captured event photography evokes emotions and memories. When attendees see the images, they remember the event’s highlights. They also often share professional photos on their social media profiles, which generates excitement and interest among their connections, further extending the reach of your event.

Marketing Material

Event photos are valuable marketing assets, the images are highly engaging and can convey a lot of information in a single image. They capture the essence of the event, helping viewers to connect with the experience. Event photos can also feature your brand’s signage and key staff, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.

Iska Birnie Photographer

My Approach to Event Photography

My focus and aim is to tell your event’s unique story through images, capturing the atmosphere and feel of your event. Whether they are corporate gatherings, sporting events, or personal milestones, I understand the significance and will ensure that no important moments are missed. Here’s how I work:


Our partnership begins with a consultation. I’ll take the time to understand the nature of your event, your goals, and the moments you want to capture. We’ll discuss your vision and any specific shots you have in mind.


On the day of your event, I’ll be there as long as you want me to, capturing every moment, from the smallest details to the grandest gestures. My goal is to ensure that nothing is missed.

Candid Moments

While posed shots are of course important, I also love capturing candid moments. These unscripted, authentic interactions, smiles, and emotions often result in some of the best photographs.

Quick Turnaround

I understand that you’re eager to see your event photographs. I’ll work diligently to provide you with your final images promptly, so you can start using the images soon after your event finishes.

Remember, in the world of event photography, you only have ONE SHOT to get it right.
Trust me to be your creative eye, capturing every important moment of your event.
Let’s make your event a collection of storytelling images!

Iska Birnie Photographer

Are you ready to have your event beautifully captured and transformed into lasting memories?
Contact me today to discuss your upcoming event and let’s work together to create a visual story that preserves the moment and makes a lasting impression.

Let’s Chat!

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