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In conversation with PGA Teaching Professional Fraser Clarke

Golf teaching pro Fraser Clark leaning on a desk

In this guest blog interview, Fraser Clarke, Head Teaching Professional at the Kings Links Golf Centre will share his top golf tips with us. Don’t miss it!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

I was born in Aberdeen and grew up in Westhill, where I currently live with my Fiancée Rebecca. I have been involved in sports from a young age, having played national-level tennis until the age of 15. I also played football and once the tennis stopped, I played more and more golf during summer holidays and got hooked!

Being involved in golf every day, you might think that the last thing I want to do when I’m not coaching is something golf-related. However, I enjoy a game of golf on a day off, either playing with my mates or a game with my Dad and Rebecca’s Dad. I am a keen gymgoer and try to get a workout in most days.

I am the Head Teaching Professional at the Kings Links Golf Centre in Aberdeen where I coach golf full-time. It’s a great facility to coach at with state-of-the-art technology available to my students during lessons.

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What is the most memorable/exciting thing that has happened in your life/business recently?

Life-wise, Rebecca and I are currently planning our wedding for 2025. I wouldn’t say I am the most organised in this area, but Rebecca is definitely on the ball with what needs to be done and when!

Business-wise would have to be when I was promoted to my current role. I had the goal of teaching golf full-time, and I was fortunate enough to have built up a large client base over the years that allowed me to bite the bullet and go for it. I stepped back from the shop work and custom fitting that I was also involved with at the time and was promoted to Head Teaching Professional by Director of Golf, Paul Girvan. This is a role that has only been held by 2 other coaches in the 32-year history of the Kings Links and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.

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What excites you most about your job?

I’d say it would be meeting new people. I’ve met loads of fascinating and interesting people through my role and made a lot of friendships as a result.

Golf is massively important to those who play it. For many, it’s their only hobby and what they look forward to the whole working week! I have the opportunity every lesson to make a positive impact on that players game which they can carry forward the rest of their golfing life. It’s a great feeling as a coach to see a player take the advice given and hit the golf ball like they never have before.

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How did you get into the world of golf instruction, and what sparked your passion for it?

I always knew I wanted to be involved in Sports in some capacity. As I mentioned earlier, Tennis was my passion, and the plan was to continue with that and eventually play professionally. Unfortunately, a shoulder injury plagued me in my early teens, and I ended up having to give it up. Had this not happened and playing didn’t work out I reckon I’d have ended up coaching Tennis for a living.

I started to take golf more seriously when I was around 15, playing most days during the school holidays. Thankfully, my hand-eye coordination from my tennis background allowed me to progress quickly with my game, reducing my handicap to scratch by the time I was 17.

For a short spell, after I finished school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a living. I had done some hours in the shop at Westhill Golf Club and having spoken to George Bruce who was the professional at the time, I decided to start my PGA Training. I was offered the Assistant Professional role at Newmachar Golf Club and under the guidance of Head Professional Andrew Cooper, I completed my 3-year degree whilst working full time in the shop and coaching on the side.

I left Newmachar in late 2014, moving to the Kings Links where I have been for the past 9 years.

Golf a game for life, I’ve given lessons to 5-year-olds and 85-year-olds. There’s no other sport quite like it. It’s my hobby and I get to coach it for a living, it’s great fun!

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What important qualities and beliefs do you think and necessary for success in golf?

Patience and determination!

Golf can be so different from day to day. We think we’ve found the secret, then it seems to disappear just as quickly. Patience is key and understanding that we all struggle, it’s not just you that’s having a tough time on the course. Being determined to reach your goals, and not let a bad day at the office put you off.

You’ll play to your handicap 1 in every 5 rounds on average and break your handicap by 2 shots 1 in every 20 rounds! So let’s not get too down on ourselves.

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What are the 3 tips you would want to share with every golfer?

For your swing, please don’t listen to your friends. They mean well, but the advice I see given is usually terrible. The best thing you can do is invest in lessons and politely decline help from friends.

If you’re investing in new equipment, make sure you get custom-fitted. I see many players buying things that seem like a good deal price-wise, but it is completely wrong for them. Get some professional advice before pulling the trigger.

Don’t be afraid to seek help with your game. We all need it! Better golf means more enjoyment and knowing what you do well and areas to improve is very valuable. The top players in the world have their coaches with them every week!

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You had a brand photo session with me, did you enjoy the experience? How are you using the images in your business?

It was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. The photos are fantastic. I’ve just to remember to ‘keep smiling’.

A lot of my business is done through my Instagram page where I post regularly and give an insight into my days coaching. I’ve used the images many times in posts and stories. I also use the images on my booking page and my Skillest Online coaching profile.

Iska Birnie Photographer
What would you say to people who are on the fence about brand photography? 

Do it 100%. Iska is lovely and great to work with!

Iska Birnie Photographer
How can people get in touch with you?

My main Social media page is Instagram and I have recently started an online coaching profile on Skillest so you can find me there too.

To book a coaching session with me, head over to the Kings Links Website.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and Fraser’s top tips to improve your golf.

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