Hannah and Glen's Logie Country House Wedding

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What can I say - I do love a Logie Country House wedding, not only because my husband and I got married there ourselves. But honestly, what's not to like? A beautiful house in a stunning setting, right in the heart of Aberdeenshire. Photographing weddings at Logie is always a pleasure. However, being Hannah and Glen's wedding photographer was even more special to me, I grew up in a military family myself and I could definitely relate to big parts of their story. Please keep on reading to learn more about Hannah and Glen's love story.

Q. How did you guys meet?

A. Glen and I met on Plenty of Fish (POF), I was living and working in Spain and Glen was over during the Easter holidays in 2014 visiting his parents who also lived there. It all started with a “Hey 😊” from me and he very quickly replied. After a brief chat on the site, we exchange numbers. Well, that was it… that was the start of our relationship. Our first phone call was a little over 4 hours non stop talking, laughing and getting to know each other. Sadly, that evening was Glens last evening in Spain before he had to fly back to Scotland for work. So, we never actually got to physically meet until June when he came over for a long weekend. It turns out that we had many close friends in common, but our paths had never crossed. I think I might have actually even served him once or twice at the café I worked in!

Q. How did the proposal go?

A. In 2015 (after 9 long months of travelling back and forth to see each other as much as possible) I made the decision to move to Scotland. I came over with 2 suitcases, the rest of my belongings were packed in boxes at my mums in Spain. In 2016 we decided to make the gruelling drive over from Scotland to Spain to collect the boxes and have a little holiday in Barcelona on the way. We arrived at our hotel in Barcelona on 26/03/2016 for a three-night stay. Glen went to a Spanish school and speaks fluent Spanish and I do not, so he would have full conversations in Spanish with the staff and I could only pick up random words. While we were there, I noticed that Glen kept disappearing and was very quiet. I just assumed that he was tired after such a long drive. But then I started to wonder… he was very quiet with me, but when he was speaking to the 2 girls down at reception he perked up and was always laughing with them and smiling. Was he flirting? It did cross my mind a little! On our last night, we decided to go to see the dancing fountain of Montjuic. We arrived by taxi and walked to the top, to go and see the fountain but it never came on, Glen then overheard someone ask what time the show started and a lady working in a café spoke back in Spanish (I couldn’t understand) but a look of horror washed over Glen’s face and he said it only works on weekends. We started to walk back down to the bottom, Glen pulled me aside in front of one of the four huge columns and started to ramble. And when I say ramble… he spoke AT me for 15 minutes and it wasn’t making any sense. I could see a look of fear in his eyes and wondered what was happening. Then he got down on one knee and proposed. The tears started to stream and I obviously said YES!!!!

It turns out that he had the ring since February and had been waiting for the right moment to pop the question, and had been planning the whole thing with the staff at the hotel right in front of me! I never even realised.

Q. When did you start planning your wedding?

A. We started planning our wedding in February 2019. We looked at many venues online and then started planning visits. I heard about Logie Country House on Instagram, and it looked stunning so we added that to the list. Logie was the first venue we visited. After meeting Gillian (the events manager at Logie) we immediately fell in love with it and booked it there and then.

Q. Where did you find the inspiration for your wedding day?

A. Online mostly! Plus my Maid of Honour got married the year prior to us and had lots of ideas from her day as it was so perfect. She flew over from Spain for dress fittings and we just put ideas out there and then made them happen.

Q. How did you choose your wedding suppliers?

A. Mostly from word of mouth and recommendations from friends. 3 suppliers were chosen from the suppliers list provided by Logie’s website.

Q. How did you personalise your wedding day?

A. I created all my own centrepieces, table decorations, buttonholes, wedding favours and bouquets. When I had something in my head I ran with it. I had some help from my close friend Molly with some of the flower arrangements, but I basically did the rest alone. I made all our wedding favours, confetti envelopes and top table decorations. Our living room basically turned into an arts & crafts centre every weekend and I loved every moment of it. I even contemplated starting my own little business after the wedding, because I enjoyed it so much but with the COVID 19 lockdown all weddings have been cancelled so probably not the best time to look into a business venture.

Q. What was the most stressful part when planning your wedding?

A. Invitations!! It took us hours and hours creating the perfect invite packages. What started off to be a fun activity turned very quickly to be a laborious one. Then it was the guest list… who do you invite to the full day? Who do you invite to the evening? Who must you invite at all? Do you really need to invite everyone? Everyone has those family members who you don’t see for years on end and you’re not particularly close too, and would be offended if you didn’t invite them to your wedding. We chose to offend them anyway! At the end of the day, we learnt that after weeks of changing our guest list, it was our day, and the only thing that matters for any couple on their wedding day is that it is THEIR day.

Q. What is the one thing you’ll never forget about your big day?

A. The great thing about any wedding is that it is one of the few opportunities to have all your family and closest friends all together in the same room for a whole day and evening. From the top table, you can see every single person that has had an impact on your life in some way. Seeing them smiling and laughing with other guests they haven’t met before and getting to know each other around the table and sharing stories. It creates an unforgettable atmosphere and moments to remember for a lifetime.

The cherry on the cake for us was, that we planned a little surprise for everyone. My husband arranged for 5 members of the Royal Marines Corps of Drums to play a mess beating once everyone was seated for dinner. Only a handful of people knew about this. When the doors opened and five drummer buglers marched in playing, they gave a performance our friends and family would never forget. To see the look of surprise on their faces was priceless.

Q. Was it easy to jump back into regular life after your wedding?

A. Well… now there’s another story! We got married on the 11th of March, a lot of our guests had flown over from Spain, including my mum and her friend Anne. All of our guests from Spain managed to get home, as they flew on Friday 13th of March. However, my mum and Anne weren’t leaving until Sunday 15th of March. All the flights were grounded the day before they were due to fly home. After 3 cancelled flights and staying with us for 3 months they finally have a flight booked for the 17th of June. Not exactly how we envisaged our first few months of married life. Especially for my poor husband.

Q. What advice would you give future brides and grooms?

A. At some point during the day take five minutes together and take it all in. Because it genuinely all goes by in the blink of an eye. (Best advice given to us form Iska)

Don’t worry if little things going wrong on the day. Just improvise! No point worrying about things that are out of your control or that can’t be predicted.

Listen to others that are married and take advice from their experience’s, and make things your own.

Hannah very kindly left this lovely review on my Facebook page.

Supplier Love

Venue | Logie Country House

Dress | Innate Bridal

Hairdresser | Hair by Terri Young

Cake | Julie Scrumptious Cake Design

Second Photographer | Sian Lyon

Piper | Calum Laurie

Catering | Hudsons Catering

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